BTEC First

You will be asked to identify strategies that can be used to deal with the pressures on elite athletes, you will also be asked to identify appropriate behaviour for elite athletes, such as adhering to the rules, respect for peers and others and acting as role models.

This unit looks at the range of factors that impact lifestyle and wellbeing in both general health and in relation to sports performance. You will research and apply recommended guidelines for physical activity. To do this you will have to gain up to date knowledge so it is accurate with an ever changing area. They will also look at ways to increase physical activity in daily life for example brisk walking, cycling and gardening. You will also explore what makes a healthy diet and carry out own dietary planning. 

Many job roles in sport have a close relationship with practical sports performance, from the elite performer in action to the sports coach practically demonstrating skills and techniques. This unit focuses on developing and improving your own practical sports performance. This is achieved through your active participation in practical activities and reflection on your own performance and that of other sports performers. This unit introduces you to a variety of different sports and, through participating in different sports, it is expected that you will develop knowledge of the associated rules, regulations, scoring systems, skills, techniques and tactics.

There are many roles working in sport that require effective and successful sports leadership, including personal training and coaching. This unit provides you with what could be their first step into sports leadership. This unit introduces you to sports leadership, enabling them to start on the ladder of leadership and coaching, through delivering components of sports sessions and whole activity sessions. You will be introduced to the basics of sports leadership and then will be required to plan, deliver and evaluate their ability to lead a sports activity session or component of a session.