2018 HNC Computing RQF Courses

HNC Unit 10 Website Design and Development

This unit introduces learners to lifecycle  decision making at various stages of the software development process. Learners will examine various lifecycle models and appreciate their particular characteristics to understand which project environments they are most appropriate for.

Theoretical understanding will be translated into practical skills through an actual software development lifecycle project.

Learners will become confident in the use of particular tools and techniques relevant to a  chosen methodology.

HNC Unit 4 Database Design and Development

Introduction to Professional Practice

Introduction to Networking

This unit introduces students to the core concepts of programming with an introduction to algorithms and the characteristics of programming paradigms.

Topics included in this unit are: Introduction to algorithms, procedural, object orientated and event driven programming, security considerations, the integrated development environment and the debugging process.

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to design and implement algorithms in C# with Visual Studio IDE. The IDE will be used to develop and track any issues with the code.

This unit builds on BTec Extended Diploma Units 14 Event Driven Programming and 15 Object Orientated Programming