Aim and purpose

The unit provides learners with an understanding of the background and concepts of marketing and the

factors that influence marketing decisions. Learners will gain skills in practical activities: investigating the

marketing mix of a specific travel and tourism organisation; planning, designing and conducting a market

research activity; planning a promotional campaign and designing promotional material.

On completion of this unit a learner should:

1 Understand the factors influencing marketing in travel and tourism

2 Know the marketing mix (the 4 Ps) of a travel and tourism organisation

3 Be able to conduct a market research activity for a travel and tourism organisation

4 Be able to organise a promotional campaign for a travel and tourism organisation.

This unit will enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding about travel and tourism as a business and

appreciate that travel and tourism organisations operate and have a role to play in a business environment.

You will learn about how travel and tourism organisations gain competitive advantage to meet their aims

and be successful, and will demonstrate business skills in presenting a business case for a feasible business


Customer service is of vital importance to all organisations in the travel and tourism sector. Excellent customer

service results in a high level of satisfaction and encourages customers to return and to recommend the

organisation to others. Many organisations in the travel and tourism sector offer the same or similar products

and services, and it is often the quality of the customer service which distinguishes one from another.

Travel and tourism organisations realise that consistently high standards of customer service will ensure

customer loyalty and improve business performance. This unit introduces learners to the principles of

customer service as they apply to travel and tourism.

The skills needed by an employee of a travel and tourism organisation are developed in this unit. Aspects such

as personal presentation, teamwork and communication skills are all exceptionally important to the provision

of excellent service. Travel and tourism organisations are in the business of providing information and selling

products and services, and learners will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate these skills with

customers in real or simulated situations across different industries within the sector.

Meeting the specific needs of different customer types will be dealt with to ensure that all learners appreciate

the importance of treating customers as individuals.

The knowledge that learners gain from this unit will help to prepare them for offering excellent customer

service within any travel and tourism organisation.

This unit enables learners to develop their skills in locating destinations in the United Kingdom and also gain

an overview of the UK tourism product and how it attracts and meets the needs of domestic and inbound

visitors. Learners will develop their understanding of the factors that affect tourism to and within the UK. The

unit supports the development of research skills through the exploration of UK tourist destinations and their