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Thursday 24 April 2014


One of England's top performing colleges

  • Deadline for Student Finance England applications is approaching - Students need to apply online now!

    Student Finance England are encouraging students who are starting or continuing a full-time course at university or college this autumn to apply for student finance online now!

    The deadline for applications for new students is 30 May 2014.

    The deadline for continuing students is 27 June 2014.

    Students, who don't apply before the deadline dates, might not get their money in time for the start of their course. They don't need a confirmed place at university or college to apply; they can use their preferred course and change it later.

    The quickest and easiest way to apply is online at

  • Iron Man Results


  • Blood Donation BannerSave A Life - Give Blood

    A blood donation session will be held on Tuesday 8th May at the Methodist Church Hall, Portholme Road, Selby.  Session times are 14:00 - 16:00 and 17:00 - 19:30.

    To book an appointment please call 0300 123 23 23

  • Coming Soon - A Level Exams!!

    A reminder to A Level students that exams are nearly upon you.  Including Easter, there are only 5 weeks until AS exams start and 8 weeks until A2 exams.

    You should now be in full revision mode and actively preparing properly for these exams.  If you leave it any later, it will be too late!!


    We Asked:  Have you had a one-to-one progress review meeting this term?

     You Said:  Yes 495 (45.3%)

                                      No 597 (54.7%)

    We Responded: Progress reviews are undertaken throughout your learning journey to:

    • recognise the progress you have made to date on your course
    • confirm you are on target to succeed on your programme
    • recognise the additional support/effort required to ensure your success
    • set SMART targets to stretch and challenge you to exceed your expectations

    Students should at some point since the start of 2014 have had at least one meeting with their teacher/s and at least two with the GSTs to review progress and set targets.

    We will include progress reviews/1to1s as an item for discussion in the focus groups to be conducted across College in June.

  • FE Choices Learner Survey - Update

    Each year students across the country are entitled to take part in this survey which is run by the Skills Funding Agency. The results for each college are published.

    The 2013/14 Learner Satisfaction Survey has now closed. If have any queries about the survey please contact Ipsos MORI at

    There is another survey which you have the opportunity to complete for OFSTED which can be found at


  • Rainbow Day Friday 16th May 2014

    The college will be supporting Selby Hands of Hope on Friday 16th May 2014 in a charity event entitled ‘Rainbow Day’ which allows staff and students to pay a one pound donation, to dress in rainbow colours for the day. (Please note footwear other than normal day to day will increase the risk of trip fall accidents, especially on stairways. Therefore, please ensure your footwear is safe and appropriate).

    Selby Hands of Hope undertake a number of project based activities within the local community and money raised will support local causes.



  • Equality and Diversity - New Information Page

    Details of all Equality and Diversity information and calendars can now be accessed here and are available to both staff and students.

  • College Car Park:

    The College car park has the capacity for 315 vehicles on site plus numerous additional disabled parking spaces.

    This was the maximum limit set for us by the local planning department when developing the new college campus. We do in fact have more spaces per head than several other local colleges.

    For obvious safety reasons, the College has a 10mph maximum speed limit on campus, however, a persistent minority choose to ignore any signs and the only way to adequately control speed is via speed humps.

    We have tried to manage speed on site without speed humps in the past, but without success. Short of policing the car park at a significant cost to all that park on campus, speed humps remain our only economic solution to successful traffic calming.

    We remind all drivers to remain alert and mindful of pedestrian safety while driving in and around the campus

  • Student Feedback Survey

    Over the next few weeks all students are being given the opportunity to tell us what you think; about college, about your course, about the teaching.  Your GST or lecturer will give you some time to complete the survey which can be accessed below.  You will need your Student ID Number - found on your ID badge - to log in to your questionnaire.

    Click on this link if you are on a 14-16 programme at college

    Click on this link if you are aged 16 or over studying Further Education

  • Statements of Exam Entry

    The Statements of Exam Entry are now available for collection from the GST office.  Please collect and check yours as soon as possible.

  • Sports Awards Poster

  • Student Job Club

    Come along to the Student Job Club on Tuesday 4th March, running all day as part of National Careers Week.  The Student Job Club is also open for business the last Tuesday of each month at lunchtimes, 12 noon to 1.30 in room J121 starting Tuesday 25th March.

    • Find out about the latest job vacancies
    • Search for jobs and apprenticeships
    • Get help to apply

    Just drop in and talk to Rebecca James.

  • - One Website, Hundreds of Opportunities

    We’d like to make you aware of the online charity which was started by the founder of Pure Potential. (AP) is a refreshingly straightforward site which matches students, parents and teachers with fair access opportunities provided by highly-regarded partner organisations.

    Spend just 10 minutes filling in an online profile and the site will intelligently sift through partner opportunities and find the most relevant ones for you. From then on you'll be alerted, via email, to opportunities which match your profile. It’s free to register and all activities are free to attend.

    Opportunities on the site include; apprenticeships, masterclasses, summer schools, public lectures, school leaver programmes, internships, mentoring schemes and many more. Users range from year 7 all the way through to graduates so make sure you have a look.
    Here is a copy of the most recent newsletter: AP 2014 Newsletter
    Register today at or email with any questions or queries.

  • There are plans for a new exciting, vibrant and dynamic community radio station for the Selby District. 

    If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a £40 iTunes voucher simply fill in the online questionnaire, (available to staff and students) 

  • "Have Your Say” – Your Feedback!

    Selby College welcomes student views and where we can, we use your feedback to improve our services to you. Here is some of the on-line feedback you gave us last term

  • Selby College Wifi

    The Guest Network is now running across the college now.
    If you are staff or student at the college then you are free to use this service, please logon to Moodle and go to the "COMPUTER POLICY & PUBLIC WIRELESS ACCESS" course for details.

    If you have difficulty with the wireless network then please report via the helpdesk  http://helpdesk

  • Have Your Say - Make Selby College Even Better!

    Do you want to give us some feedback? Whether it's a compliment, a complaint, or just a comment about how we could do things better, we would welcome ALL your feedback. All you have to do is write it down, then post it in one of the red wall-mounted feedback boxes situated in the entrance to each college building. Or click here to send us your feedback electronically.

    Your feedback will be confidential, but will be used to improve the range of services provided by the college to existing and future students.


  • Student Network Drives

    If you don't get your mapped network drives then open the folder below then click and run the appropriate script.


    To open the folder just copy/paste the above into windows explorer or internet explorer

    Please also report the PC name where you had this problem on to http://helpdesk, so we can get it fixed on that PC.

  • Priority LRC Computer Use

    Now that E05 is available for timetabled lesson use, there will be some changes to ensure effective utilisation of the 61 computers in the LRC. Please note that from Monday 7 October priority, timetabled pc reservations in the LRC will be held for just 5 minutes from the lesson start-time.

    This means that students wishing to use their timetabled LRC independent study slot who know they will be late arriving need to make LRC staff aware of their estimated arrival time to guarantee a pc will be available for them at the later time. Sorry but there can be no guarantee a pc will be available for those who arrive late and have not notified LRC staff in advance.

    For those wishing to work using LRC computers in their ‘free’ study time, the best time to check LRC pc availability from Monday will be around 10 minutes after lesson start times as this is when any ‘spare’ computers will be released. Drop-in availability will improve as a number of classes that were timetabled in the LRC have been relocated to E05.

  • Check Out The News On Moodle

    Moodle is one of the ways that Selby College uses to communicate with students.  On this front page you will find news items, notices, events and messages. Don't forget to check on a regular basis so that you know what's happening in college.

  • Do You Need Some Financial Help?

    Selby College has bursary funds available to help students with the cost of travel, kit, uniforms, meals at college and equipment.  Further information and application forms are on the Student Services page (click on Student Info then Student Services at the top of this page).  OR, you can talk to Student Services or your GST to get help with your application.

  • Student Lanyard Colours 2013/14:

    PURPLE – FT second years + new students joining for A2 year

    RED – FT first years, including students starting a new course

     As before:

    • BLUE – Years 10 & 11
    • YELLOW – HE
    • ORANGE – Apprentices        
  • Remote Access from Home

    Staff can access their email from home by using the following web link
    Smartphone users can link to their emails using as the email server.

    Citrix Remote Access

    You will need the citrix client to be installed on your PC at home.

    Click here for the Windows Citrix client
    Click here for the Apple OS X Citrix client

    The web address for remote access is:-

    If you have a smart phone then go to the Apple store or Google Play store and install the Citrix Receiver App. Then put the above address into the receiver app settings, you don't use a web browser on a smart phone/tablet. Then connect using the Citrix App.

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