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Saturday 30 August 2014


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  • Xscape Bus Service for Summer

    Selby Town CouncilSelby Town Council with the support of Brayton, Barlby, Hambleton Parish Councils have funded the provision of a bus to Xscape from Selby on a Wednesday starting on 30 July 2014 then the 6, 13, 20 and 27 August 2014.  The bus times are as follows:

    Selby Bus Station dep            1200     1400     1600     1800    

    Brayton Green                       1208     1408     1608     1808

    Thorpe Willoughby Fox Lane 1212     1412     1612     1812

    Hambleton, Gateforth Lane   1215     1415     1615     1815

    Monk Fryston, Water Lane     1220     1420     1620     1820

    Xscape dep                            1240     1440     1640     1840 

    Return to Selby:

    Xscape                                    1250    1450   1650      1850

    Monk Fryston, Square             1315    1515   1715      1915

    Hambleton, Gateforth Lane    1320    1520   1720      1920

    Thorpe Willoughby Fox Lane  1323    1523 1723      1923

    Brayton Green                        1327    1527   1727      1927

    Selby Bus Station                    1335    1535  1735      1935 

    Arriva will charge passengers as follows: 

    • Child £2.70 day ticket – unlimited travel all day within Yorkshire
    • Adult £5.40 day ticket – unlimited travel all day within Yorkshire
    • Family day ticket £9.50 includes unlimited travel all day within Yorkshire after 9.30am for up to 2 Adults and 3 Children.

    Please use the service, once a week, during the summer – it is a fabulous facility for all the family.  For further information ring 01757 708449. 

  • Equality and Diversity - New Information Page

    Details of all Equality and Diversity information and calendars can now be accessed here and are available to both staff and students.

  • New Student Jobs Board

    There is a new Student Jobs Board located outside J034.  It is updated every Monday with full and part time vacancies.  There are also job files available in the GST office, one with Apprenticeship vacancies and one with other vacancies. 

    • Find out about the latest job vacancies
    • Search for jobs and apprenticeships
    • Get help to apply

    Just drop in the GST office and talk to Rebecca James.

  • Temporary ID Badges

    From 2nd June onwards all students requiring a temporary ID badge will be charged a refundable deposit of £1.  The money will be refunded when the temporary ID is returned to Student Services.  It has become necessary to take this step due to the number of temporary ID badges not being returned and having to replace the plastic wallets/clips at a considerable expense.

  • North Yorkshire County Council - Post 16 Transport

    Below is the link to the North Yorkshire County Council - Post 16 Transport information for 2014-15.  Please read the letter, then if want to apply, follow the instructions to apply online.

  • Parking in the college locality

    Please will drivers be more considerate when parking in the college locality, particularly the streets around Barwic Parade.  There have been complaints from college neighbours about cars blocking their drives and also making it very difficult for the buses to get past.

    The neighbours have threatened to go to the authorities which could result in fines and penalty points for cars parking inconsiderately.  There is also the substantial risk of cars being damaged by the buses attempting to pass them on the narrow roads.

  • Take Part in 'On Our Turf'

    THE MONUMENT – Take Part

    Would you like to be involved in turning Easingwold, Selby, Helmsley and Pocklington into topsy-turvy Live Art towns?

    Since January 2014 artist Selina Thompson has been getting to know our Yorkshire market towns in order to create one of the most spectacular arts events. And she would love for you to come and help.

    The Monument is a weekend of performance and visual art, turning participants from four communities into the architects and builders of their very own live art towns.

    The Monument celebrates the everyday. Not the mundane acts which fill our schedules with trips to the supermarkets and takeaways in front of Saturday night TV, but the moments of human life which creep up and astound us: birth and death, falling in love, beginning a family and following or not following your hopes and dreams.

    These rights of passage will be mapped through performance, installation and spectacle to create a journey through four market towns now unrecognisable from their former selves. Selina will work closely with individuals and groups in each town, beginning with Easingwold, to encourage the development of a series of live art works performed and created by members of the community.

    There are a multitude of opportunities for you to get involved. All of these roles are designed to make use of the skills and talents already available in your town, and help to build and teach skills to those who are interested.

    There are four teams of volunteers we are looking to fill:

    Creative and Cast

    We are looking for writers, performers, directors and anybody interested in having creative input towards this huge spectacle. 

    Makers and Designers

    We need a strong team of makers with specific skills, including: carpentry, painting, craft, embroidery, flower arranging, willow weaving and anything else where you use your hands!

    We also need three designers who will work with Selina to create the visual concepts within The Monument. These people will work on creating art in trees, shops, pub cellars, libraries, town squares, cars and much more.

    Marketing and Publicity

    If you’re interested in photography, graphic design, publicity, film, social media and PR there are a variety of opportunities to get involved with helping shout about The Monument and making sure as many people get to experience the production as possible.

    Producing and Production

    We are look for two Assistant Producers who are looking to gain skills in events and arts management, to work closely with Producer Emma Beverley throughout the process and help get The Monument on its feet practically. No experience required, just an organisational mind and a patient personality.

    No matter how much time you are able to give, even if it’s just two hours one Sunday afternoon, we would love to hear from you. Everybody who expresses an interest in any of these opportunities will be able to take part – we can’t wait to hear from you.

    If any of these roles are of interest, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with Emma Beverley, producer for The Monument on emmabevfreelance@gmail.comand we will send you more detailed role descriptions straight away.

    @OurTurf #Onourturf

  • College Car Park:

    The College car park has the capacity for 315 vehicles on site plus numerous additional disabled parking spaces.

    This was the maximum limit set for us by the local planning department when developing the new college campus. We do in fact have more spaces per head than several other local colleges.

    For obvious safety reasons, the College has a 10mph maximum speed limit on campus, however, a persistent minority choose to ignore any signs and the only way to adequately control speed is via speed humps.

    We have tried to manage speed on site without speed humps in the past, but without success. Short of policing the car park at a significant cost to all that park on campus, speed humps remain our only economic solution to successful traffic calming.

    We remind all drivers to remain alert and mindful of pedestrian safety while driving in and around the campus

  • - One Website, Hundreds of Opportunities

    We’d like to make you aware of the online charity which was started by the founder of Pure Potential. (AP) is a refreshingly straightforward site which matches students, parents and teachers with fair access opportunities provided by highly-regarded partner organisations.

    Spend just 10 minutes filling in an online profile and the site will intelligently sift through partner opportunities and find the most relevant ones for you. From then on you'll be alerted, via email, to opportunities which match your profile. It’s free to register and all activities are free to attend.

    Opportunities on the site include; apprenticeships, masterclasses, summer schools, public lectures, school leaver programmes, internships, mentoring schemes and many more. Users range from year 7 all the way through to graduates so make sure you have a look.
    Here is a copy of the most recent newsletter: AP 2014 Newsletter
    Register today at or email with any questions or queries.

  • "Have Your Say” – Your Feedback!

    Selby College welcomes student views and where we can, we use your feedback to improve our services to you. Here is some of the on-line feedback you gave us last term

  • Selby College Wifi

    The Guest Network is now running across the college now.
    If you are staff or student at the college then you are free to use this service, please logon to Moodle and go to the "COMPUTER POLICY & PUBLIC WIRELESS ACCESS" course for details.

    If you have difficulty with the wireless network then please report via the helpdesk  http://helpdesk

  • Have Your Say - Make Selby College Even Better!

    Do you want to give us some feedback? Whether it's a compliment, a complaint, or just a comment about how we could do things better, we would welcome ALL your feedback. All you have to do is write it down, then post it in one of the red wall-mounted feedback boxes situated in the entrance to each college building. Or click here to send us your feedback electronically.

    Your feedback will be confidential, but will be used to improve the range of services provided by the college to existing and future students.


  • Priority LRC Computer Use

    Now that E05 is available for timetabled lesson use, there will be some changes to ensure effective utilisation of the 61 computers in the LRC. Please note that from Monday 7 October priority, timetabled pc reservations in the LRC will be held for just 5 minutes from the lesson start-time.

    This means that students wishing to use their timetabled LRC independent study slot who know they will be late arriving need to make LRC staff aware of their estimated arrival time to guarantee a pc will be available for them at the later time. Sorry but there can be no guarantee a pc will be available for those who arrive late and have not notified LRC staff in advance.

    For those wishing to work using LRC computers in their ‘free’ study time, the best time to check LRC pc availability from Monday will be around 10 minutes after lesson start times as this is when any ‘spare’ computers will be released. Drop-in availability will improve as a number of classes that were timetabled in the LRC have been relocated to E05.

  • Students Charging Phones/Laptops etc.

    Please note, students are NOT allowed to plug anything electrical in to power sockets in college.  This includes charging phones, laptops etc.  All portable electrical equipment in college must pass a test before it can be plugged in; this is to ensure that the equipment is safe to use.  Any equipment found plugged in will be removed and taken to Student Services.

  • Check Out The News On Moodle

    Moodle is one of the ways that Selby College uses to communicate with students.  On this front page you will find news items, notices, events and messages. Don't forget to check on a regular basis so that you know what's happening in college.

  • Do You Need Some Financial Help?

    Selby College has bursary funds available to help students with the cost of travel, kit, uniforms, meals at college and equipment.  Further information and application forms are on the Student Services page (click on Student Info then Student Services at the top of this page).  OR, you can talk to Student Services or your GST to get help with your application.

  • Remote Access from Home

    Staff can access their email from home by using the following web link
    Smartphone users can link to their emails using as the email server.

    Citrix Remote Access

    While still available this is no longer the preferred method to access your resources from home.
    Please use the colleges new Remote Desktop Services - details can be found by clicking here.

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